5K Running!

In following the LOD-Project mission to connect local communities, health teams & local people living with type 1 diabetes together – to both share awareness about this condition and to generate positive energies for those living with it – active events such as 5km running challenges have achieved shared successes by our DiAdvocates around the world! 

In Kuwait City, Mohammad Al Bahar & LOD partner DAP (Diabetes Ambassadors Program) operated a highly enjoyable evening outside of the Scientific Centre and along the Marina Walk, with a great turn out of attendee runners and supporters! Whilst participants found out more about diabetes and the work of DAP at the registration stand, they further engaged in practically learning the daily routines of life with type 1 diabetes through the warm up: squats representing low blood sugar levels with the call of “hypo!” Jumps being the opposite on the call of “hyper” to represent high blood sugar levels, “insulin” being represented by a smooth rotation of the hips as the insulin works its way into the system! And the call of “check” being a rotation of the neck, resembling to keep a check of blood sugar levels… by hosting fun, practical movements and incorporating ‘diabetes talk’ into the routine, LOD’s aim has been to build a more engaging approach of discussing and better understanding life with diabetes – for both those living with it, and those who are unaware about the level of daily work it entails to manage blood glucose without naturally producing insulin.

Following the Kuwait 5k, Mohammad Al Bahar shared: “it was a magnificent evening blessed with cooler temperatures for us to enjoy the running and walking challenge! It was a pleasure to have so many turn out to join us, and we are most grateful to all volunteers, the sponsors (KDIPA, Al Bayer, Caribou Coffee, Frio & Sanofi) the Scientific Center who hosted us, and to Radio Kuwait FM 99.7 for having us raise further awareness on the breakfast show. These types of events really bridge gaps in psychological acceptance, empowerment, and general knowledge of diabetes,  making face-to-face strides against discrimination.”










LONDON 2018: League of DiAthletes Debut T1D Heroes Delegation

In July 2018 the League hosted its debut T1D Heroes Delegation in London, U.K!

A total of 16 T1D Heroes assembled together from around the globe, participating in a series of advocacy & project outcome trainings, with teamed activities & type 1 diabetes empowerment sessions successfully operated. The T1D Heroes furthermore formed as a global panel to share an insightful perspective on the diverse challenges around the world of diabetes, at the T1D Global 2018 Conference by DiAthlete in Greenwich.