The League of DiAthletes is a type 1 diabetes focused entity of DiAthlete, which connects a team of advocates living with type 1 diabetes from all around the world – the “T1D Heroes” – who commit to improving the standards of healthcare in this cause, grassroots, through supporting: impactful education, peer understanding, accessibility, communication with health professionals & a wave of T1D empowerment!

We furthermore connect a Global Alliance of on-the-ground engaging diabetes organisations, who our T1D Heroes collaborate with to support local type 1 diabetes communities.

There are 5 global “LOD Zones” where our Heroes & Allies are located:
Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania.


In ‘connecting the world as 1 through living with type 1′ the League operates with a biennial structure. This entails hosting a T1D Heroes Training Delegation every ‘even year’ where the T1D Heroes come together to develop their ‘LOD project’ plans and grow professionally as advocates; and for every ‘odd year,’ the League operates a T1D Heroes Global Challenge where T1D Heroes unite to empower local diabetes communities within a country of our Global Alliance, with a teamed endurance challenge taking place & a series of diabetes community engaging activities.

Continuously, each year, the T1D Heroes produce LOD Projects – engaging & practical techniques of improving type 1 diabetes education – to support their home-based communities through. The Heroes will diversely share type 1 diabetes tips, experiences and information through LOD’s online network and media campaigns.


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