“Connecting the World as 1…” the League has an alliance of global partners around the world, who are dedicated towards improving diabetes education, access to resources, raising awareness and providing valued empowerment in a grassroots and relatable approach – in collaboration with LOD’s local / representing DiAdvocates.


Diabetes Youth Care, Ghana
Website: diabetesyouthcare.org 
In many hospitals in Ghana adolescents and youth living with diabetes are usually managed in the same setting as the adults. With these differences, most young people with chronic diseases would either come to the hospital close to closing time or would have very poor compliance to their various treatment regimes. Diabetes Youth Care (DYC) was set up to manage such patients seperately to improve the quality of life for children, teens and families affected by diabetes. DYC provides education and medical support to encourage personal growth, knowledge acquisition and independence in living with diabetes.


The Sonia Nabeta Foundation, Uganda
Website: www.sonianabetafoundation.org 
The Sonia Nabeta Foundation (SNF) shares a mission to alleviate the hefty cost of treatment and provide holistic healthcare and community support for low-income children with type 1 diabetes, A.K.A “Warriors,” starting in Uganda. SNF’s vision is to reduce deaths due to T1D complications, increase life expectancy and improve the quality of life for warriors to reach their greatest potential.   



Piquenique Azul, Brazil
Facebook: @piqueniqueazul 
The Piquenique Azul (blue picnic) shares a purpose to unite the Brazilian diabetes community socially and empower them through our awareness raising and educational activites. We bring together memebers of the public who live with diabetes both directly and indirectly and each Piquenique Azul edition has a different theme related to diabetes.



Dia Vida Asociacion Pro-Diabeticos, Costa Rica
Facebook: @asociaciondiavida 
The key aims of our association are to create awareness that it is time to focus on the improvement of integral health amd the quality of life that all citizens living with diabetes deserve. We coordinate school visits, motivate people to better undertsand and work with their diabetes, arrange monthly meetings which we continue to grow the number of people attending and quality of topics discussed, and host an annual youth camp which connects young people living with diabetes from all areas of the country.  

Asociacion Dia Vida

Casa de la Diabetes, Ecuador
Website: casadeladiabetes.org.ec 
Casa de la Diabetes is a space of attention with a goal to improve the quality of life for people living with types 1 and 2 diabetes, through timely care and education. With a complete team to help both patients and their families, and we offer support in the medical,  psychological and educational areas for the patient and the family, so they can take their new lifestyle in a better way.


Diabetes & Sports Health (DASH Camp), United States
Website: dashcamp.org 
DASH Sports Education run diabetes empowerment and educational programs around the San Francisco Bay area & Internationally since 2012. DASH is hosted by a group of people living with and without diabetes who are not content with the current status of health across the U.S and world, and seek to use experiences to give back to communities. 



Diabetes India Youth Action (DIYA), India
Website: DIYA.org.in
DIYA is a group of dedicated volunteers who are all passionate about bringing people living with type 1 diabetes together to share what we deal with every day and to learn from each other on this journey together. We provide education and recreation within a supportive community, encouraging personal growth, knowledge and independence. Our focus is on diabetes education, to create awareness and ensure access to affordable care.


Diabetes Ambassadors Program (DAP), Kuwait
Facebook: diabetesambassadorsprogram 
DAP operates a series of components in helping people living with diabetes. Education / Awareness includes lectures in schools and detailed social media posts. Insulin Access, where DAP works with T1International regarding diabetes access advocacy tool kits. Advocacy, where tasks involve attending local and international workshops & congresses, with media interviews also under this component. Laws & Regulations, dedicated for the development of a Kuwait law that protects the rights of people living with diabetes for their career growth, social and children rights. Group sessions, for advanced discussions for people with diabetes. Self-Management, focused on supporting the daily routines and understandings for people with diabetes in all areas: sports, travel, adventure & responsibilities. 


Meethi Zindagi, Pakistan
Website: www.meethizindagi.org 
Meethi Zindagi envisions improving lives for people living with diabetes across Pakistan through a patient-centred approach. Meethi Zindagi pin-points environmental, educational, political, financial, health, technological, social and pschological factors for people living with diabetes & it’s co-morbidities, to become a unification platform for those affected by diabetes and to thereby making their lives sweet.



Young Diabetes Fiji, Fiji Islands
Facebook: @youngdiabetesfiji 
We at Young Diabetes Fiji are striving to empower and support diabetes education for all types of diabetes – and prevention in the growing numbers with type 2 diabetes – among children, and to raise awareness about childhood diabetes. 



Solidarite Diabete, France
Facebook: @type1family.solidaritediabete 
“Type 1 Family Solidarite Diabete aims to pro
vide people with type 1 diabetes with a framework of mutual support; to contribute to awareness, information and education around type 1 diabetes; support research and innovation related to type 1 diabetes for hope of healing; defend the rights and interests of people with diabetes; organise, support and promote any type 1 diabetic initiative; to inspire the community and the general public – notably through the achievement of sporting challenges – to federate type 1 diabetics and their entourage, to encourage meetings and exchanges, to help the human, social, cultural and professional development of type 1 diabetics.”

LOD Paris6

Ascotid, Romania
Website: www.ascotid.ro 
Ascotid was started in 2006 by 7 parents of children living with type 1 diabetes who first proposed to bring together all children & young diabetics (and families affected) living with Mures County of Transylvania, Romania, forming a large family of “sweet ones.” The purpose of the association is to promote, support and defend the interests of young people living with diabetes, and their families, with a humanitarian and charitable character. 

ascotid trail race

T1International, United Kingdom
Website: www.t1international.com 
T1International is a UK registered charity that advocates for all people with type 1 diabetes around the world. The charity supports local communities by giving them the tools they need to stand up for their rights sp that everyone with type 1 diabetes –  no matter where they live – has everything they need to survive and achieve their dreams. 


The Diabetes Football Community, United Kingdom
Facebook: @thediabetesfootballcommunity 
The Diabetes Football Community is a peer support community for people living with type 1 diabetes and are passionate about football. The community is a 24/7 destination for educational information and inspiration, which exists to help our followers by promoting inclusion, reducing barriers and normalising diabetes in mainstream sport. 


Website: diathlete.org
Facebook: diathlete 
DiAthlete strives to educate, encourage and empower the next generation living with type 1 diabetes, innovating grassroots and practical methods of supplying type 1 diabetes education formed from personal and relatable experiences, and bridging the gaps between health professional teams and the people living with diabetes.

N Ireland Sports Clinic

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