LOD’s T1D Global Delegation is scheduled to occur biennially every ‘even’ calendar year, where our global training of DiAdvocates takes place over a week’s duration, in collaboration with DiAthlete’s #T1DGlobal conference.

Our next T1D Global Training Delegation & Conference is currently being planned and organised, set for Kuwait in 2020! Stay tuned through 2019 for further details to be released.


The first T1D Global Delegation took place in London in November 2017, where our DiAdovcates were welcomed to the Houses of Parliament in Westminster by Security Officer and fellow type 1, Andy Wilson. Whilst our global team bonded and learned from each other for the first time, beginning LOD, we also hosted our debut T1D Global Conference at the historic Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, to a full house of attendees keen to experience a global insight into the diverse challenges in diabetes health care and inspiring stories of aversity.


T1dg17 Sana

In July 2018, LOD hosted a full delegation week again in London, with kind support from Diabetes UK who provided an office space for our formal training sessions to take place, where the DiAdvocates learned to create impactful LOD Projects around the world with a team based from 13 different countries represented. #T1DGlobal18 again took place at Greenwich’s Old Royal Naval College.


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